Contribution by Founder

Contributions from Late Shri Sankalchandbhai Patel – Founder Chairman, Nootan Sarva Vidhyalaya Kelvani Mandal

“Teach your children even by tying a bandage on your stomach” – these words, which came naturally from his mouth, show a strong passion for education and a sagacity of social upliftment. In the year 1940-41, Nootan Sarva Vidyalaya was born and this seed which was planted by late Shri Sankalchandbhai Patel, today has become a banyan tree- The “Shankalchand Patel University” or SPU

Patriotism and Philanthropy Personified

Born on 28-02-1909, a school dropout, young Sankachchandbhai dedicated himself in a freedom movement with strong desire to serve to people around him. He was pioneer figure in initiating & nurturing many social organizations meant to serve the people and hence eminently known as a “Vishwakarma” of Visnagar. Always driven by philanthropic values in his heart, he instituted “Visnagar Taluka Labor co-op union” and became its fonder chairman. With a principle “without cooperation there cannot be any development” he initiated many public welfares related activity like “Tube well drilling “, “Launching of the Brand Sahakar Engine oil”, “Production of Agricultural tools “and “Supplying quality Seeds for farming” etc. under his chairmanship that raised standard of living people of North Gujarat region especially the farmers.

The unfulfilled Dream of having University in a Visnagar became Reality today

“Education is only tools that bring transformation in lives of the people” was value system he followed and raised a strong demand to than government for establishing a university in Visnagar. “Come what may you, educate your child “came a voice from him and resolved to provide whatever resources needed for establishing the university. Although this dream was not fulfilled at that time, today his own grandson Shri Prakashbhai, who is persona of his “Dada “, has fulfilled his dream by establishing a university par excellence having various faculties of Medicine, para-medical, Technology, Management, Computer applications, Science and Commerce, under a single state-of-the-art integrated campus.

The encyclopedia of mother tong- Gujarati Vishwakosh

Lord Krishna once said, “There is nothing in this world beyond knowledge. Go to a wise man and get knowledge.” This essence of the Gita was digested by Sankalchandbhai. When Dhirubhai Thackeray told him about the usefulness of the encyclopedia, he said, “Start the activity, don’t stop without anything, if you need me, tell me for sure.” That’s all. Two or three days later he called Dhirubhai. “What happened to the encyclopedia? Go ahead for work, leave your financial question to me”- He sent money required, put the office under his own supervision and the people of Gujarat got ‘Vishwakora’ in their own language. What an insight and vision of a man who has read three books!

North Gujarat got its lifeline -The Dharoi Dam

“It is necessary to fall into politics for the sake of service, not for the sake of power” was his belief. He was a completely different kind of politician from today’s politicians. Nowhere in his political life is there was any deception. He spoke the truth and presented his opinion with conviction without any hesitation or anyone’s influence. He stalwartly kept raising his voice on the questions of water scarcity in the north Gujarat region at the state legislature and central level. His efforts finally paid off when the region got its first major irrigation dam- The Dharoi dam, solving major crisis arising due to lack of drinking water and irrigation facilities.

Chronology of Contributions of Shri Sankalchandbhai Patel:

28-02-1909 Birth Day
1940 Plunged into Public Service and fighting for a responsible state system.
1941 Establishing Nootan Sarva Vidhyalaya at Visnagar
1942 Awaken Mehsana district during of ‘Hind-chhodo” movement
1945-46 Important Contributions in the instituting of MN College, Visnagar
1947 Leading Role in the formation of Sayaji Ashram
1947-48 Played a Role of “Siraj-Uddaullah” in a play “Ek Swapna” directed by Jay Shankar Sundari
1948 Founding of the first independent hostel of “Seva-Dal” in all of India
1949 Took deep interest in the launch of Sarvodaya Ashram at Valam.
1949 Land Acquisition for the formation of Shri Girdharlal Dosabhai General Hospital
1950-51 Became the President of the MEHASANA District Local Board
1947-53 Remained as President of Mehsana District Congress
1950 Established Maharishi Dayananda Sarasvati Kelavani Trust for the Girls Education & development
1951-52 Founding of Visnagar Taluka Purchase and Sale Association.
1951-52 Establishment of Visnagar “Harijan Majoor Sahakari Mandali”.
1953 Founder of Visnagar Taluka Labor Cooperative Society.
1954-64 Remained as the President of Visnagar Municipality and made vigorous efforts for the overall development of Visnagar.
1954 Setting up of residential colony for the sweepers
1956 Founder of Visnagar Market Yard
1956-60 Active involvement in the crusade of “Maha-Gujarat” – Became the President of the Council & when the purpose of the Janata Parishad is achieved, dissolved it showing the act of morality
1957 Founder of The “Visnagar Nagarik Cooperative Bank” Ltd. The Visnagar Labor Cooperative Society launched Tube-well drilling machine, “Sahakar” oil engine and brought a green revolution in agriculture.
1959 Establishment of Mehsana District Development House at Visnagar
1960 On the stage of the new high school in the play “Vanraj to Jivraj” played the role of “ Sardar Patel”
1962 Established “The Visnagar Co-op Spinning Mill” that was proved to be bread winner for thousands of workers.
1964 Formation of “The Visnagar Taluka Industrial Cooperative Society”
1965 Important Contribution made in the registration and creation of Mehsana Dudh-Sagar Dairy .
1968 Elected as a member of the All India Congress General Committee
1969 Joined Indira Congress – became District President.
1971 Fought the Lok-Sabha elections from Congress (I)
1975 Elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Gujarat.
1977 Founder of Sarvodaya Nagarik Sahakari Bank. Helped Built Theater in a memory of late Shri “Jaishankar Sundari”- A
renowned theater artist from Visnagar
1983 Instituting of an ashram for the children of the “Thakors”.
1984 Established Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Janakalyan Trust and started the hospital maternity service with a very modest fee of Rs 5
1985 Established “Shri Mahasukhbhai Janakalyan Trust “and extended public service works. Established a High school for the upliftment of “Thakors” in Chanasma
1986 Started Eye hospital by Janakalyan Trust Established North Gujarat Kanya Kelvani Mandal and started Hostel for
girls “The encyclopedia should be available to the people of Gujarat in their language” with this motto he established “The Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust”
28-11-1986 Departed for heavenly abode

Contributions from Late Shri Bholabhai Patel- Past Chairman, Nootan Sarva Vidhyalaya Kelvani Mandal
To further cause of education, Shri Bholabhai Patel followed the footsteps of Shri Sankalchandbhai and established colleges of Engineering, Dental, Pharmacy, BBA & BBA in a campus. Having completed his B.Sc. and then L.L.B. he joined “Maha Gujarat Janta Parishad”. He later became a member of congress party under the leadership of Shri Sankalchand Patel and started his political career. Subsequently he also became president of Visnagar Nagarik Cooperative Bank, Visnagar Labor cooperative Union and Agricultural Produce committee. He also contributed to the cause of the various other institutes like Visnagar Sewa Sahkari Union, Mamata IAS training center- Gandhinagar, Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal- Kadi. In 1985, He was elected member of legislative assembly as an independent candidate and under chief ministership of Shri Chablis’s Mehta he became Minister of State, having a charge of Panchayat & Cooperation.